It’s time to take a look at the best CBD oils of the year to come.

There are many CBD products on the market today, particularly when it comes to CBD oils and tinctures. The health and wellness industries have been swept away by the popularity of this naturally derived compound, and the variety of products on the market has grown as a result.

Hemp and cannabis plants contain a wide variety of compounds: CBD, also known as cannabidiol. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-intoxicating cousin of THC, with a wide range of health benefits. Pain management, stress reduction, and even the treatment of epilepsy can all benefit from the inclusion of hemp-derived CBD oil in your daily wellness regimen.

With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to tell if you’re getting a high-quality CBD oil. CBD shopping doesn’t have to be a gamble when you shop at Real Tested Cbd. You can rely on the results of our independent laboratory tests to back up label claims, show whether pesticide and solvent tests have been passed or failed, and confirm that you are getting full value for your money.

See our Best CBD Oils page for a complete listing of tried and true products. In the meantime, here are our picks for the top five CBD oils of 2022:

The 5 Best CBD Oils, According to Independent Tests

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture – 6000mg by Lazarus Naturals

As far as CBD tinctures go, our experts give Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture their highest recommendation. There is a whopping 6460mg of CBD in this high-quality CBD oil, as well as 229mg of CBD, 92mg of CBG, and 215mg of legal THC – nearly every rare cannabinoid we like to see in a CBD product. The “entourage effect” is created by a high concentration of rare cannabinoids in Lazarus Naturals full-spectrum oil. It may not be the best option for those concerned about drug testing, but for those who aren’t, this is an excellent CBD oil with a high potency that passed all solvent and pesticide tests and didn’t test positive for THC.

Broad Spectrum Tincture – 5000mg Blue Ribbon Hemp

We ranked Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Broad Spectrum 5000mg Tincture as our second-place pick and gave it a high rating. A total of 5336mg of CBD, as well as almost 50mg of CBN and 85mg of CBG, were found in this potent CBD oil. The absence of THC in this oil makes it an excellent choice for those who do not wish to experience the “intoxicating” effects of THC. This CBD oil has passed all solvent and pesticide tests, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a broad-spectrum CBD oil. Another perk of this oil is that it costs only about $0.02 per milligram of active CBD.

2,000 mg of SoM Full-Spectrum CBDa Oil

SoM CBD’s 2000mg full-spectrum CBDa oil is the next product on our list. Our experts gave this oil a high rating and placed it in third place in our Best CBD Oil category. This is a fantastic full-spectrum oil because it contains every rare cannabinoid we look for, including d9-THC, CBN, CBC, CBG, and even CBDV and d-8 THC. Aside from meeting its label claim of being a full spectrum, this CBD oil contains over 2000mg of CBD, totaling 2200mg.

CBD Tincture from Dad Grass

A close second in terms of overall sales is the CBD Tincture made by Dad’s Grass, coming in at number four. It received a 93 out of 100 scores on our scale from our experts, who gave it a high recommendation rating. This oil has a high concentration of cannabinoids, far exceeding the label’s stated CBD content. With 1543mg of CBD and over 10mg of CBG, this is one potent oil. This full-spectrum CBD oil has passed all pesticide and solvent tests, making it a safe and reliable option. CBD oil that costs just $0.04 per milligram of CBD is another perk of purchasing this product.

Tincture of 900mg Tribe CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Tribe CBD’s 900mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil ranked fifth on our shortlist and received a high score of 91 out of 100 from our experts. Once again, this CBD oil performs as advertised and contains all the rare cannabinoids we prefer to see. This full-spectrum CBD oil is made using lipid extraction, CO2, and ethanol-free, making it a safe and natural option. This CBD oil is also reasonably priced, with CBD milligrams costing only $0.07 and THC milligrams costing just over $2.

What You Need to Know: The Best CBD Oils in 2022

You can rely on Real Tested CBD to provide you with high-quality CBD oil. CBD products are put through rigorous testing in our labs to ensure that they meet our high standards for potency, purity, and overall value. They all passed solvent and pesticide tests with flying colors, their label claims are accurate, and they are the best CBD oils to buy in 2022, according to these five products.